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Ep 21 | Halloween Thoughts

Do you like to get dressed up for Halloween?  Elinor is sharing her thoughts about the holiday in this episode!


It’s almost Halloween time!

Elinor likes Halloween and isn’t upset we don’t decorate our house.  She also doesn’t know what she wants to be – but we’re going shopping today to find a costume.

Elinor: I don’t know what I want to be for Halloween, but I’m really excited.  Especially for the Switch Witch.  You put your extra candy near your door, and the Switch Witch comes and takes your candy and leaves a present behind.

The ones we can’t have or don’t want we leave for her.  Last time she left a game.

Sami: Hudson wants to be Darth Vader this year and this is the first time you don’t know what you want to be.  We’ll post updates on Insta and TikTok (@cwmdpodcast).

Elinor: I want a costume with a wig.  I have to wear a wig in Frozen Jr. and I want to get used to it.

Sami: Just make sure it doesn’t require a lot of makeup.  I’m bad at it!

We go around our neighborhood, it’s not very big but do you get enough candy?

Elinor: Yes!  My friend goes over to another neighborhood that’s bigger but I don’t need to go there.

I like going around the neighborhood by myself.  Last year there was a creepy guy and he had a chain around his neck and this lady was walking him.  He had poles to make his arms really long.  And he had a brown long coat on and he looked like a demon animal.

I don’t want to go to a haunted house.  I’m not watching Stranger Things till I’m 16.

If you’re cheap or artsy and craftsy then make your kids their costume – that’s my own advice.

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Elinor (daughter) and Sami (mom) were on vacation in Phoenix in March or 2019 when the concept of the mother-daughter podcast was born.

Sami, a digital marketing strategist, was working on her own podcast, when Elinor decided she needed one of her own.  When talking about concepts, the idea of having regular chats about life and recording them came up.

And with that, Conversations with My Daughter was born.

Each week, a new topic, and possible life lesson, are brought to you with the hopes it will make you smile, remember conversations with your own mom, and hopefully inspire new conversations with your own children.