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Ep 19 | What do Kids like in their School Lunches?

What do you pack in your kids school lunches??????


Elinor goes to a private school and they serve hot lunch – they don’t have a cafeteria.  We send her with lunches every day.

Sami: Are you lunches always good?

Elinor: Sometimes, I had a salad today!  Dad made it.

Sami: Mom and dad alternate making lunches.  In today’s episode I want to know what kind of things you like in your lunches, what other kids get that you wish you had, ideas you have for us.  We aren’t the only ones that struggle with this.

So who makes better lunches, mom or dad.

Elinor: Dad.

Sami: Is that just from today?

Elinor: Well he puts in sandwiches and you just put in cheese.

Sami: I just put a sandwich with butter, cheese, meat and spinach in your lunch the other day.  You didn’t like that?

Elinor: I did.  I didn’t know you made that.

Sami: All good – we just want to make sure you get a healthy lunch.  What are your favorite things you get in your lunch during the week?

Elinor: Nothing really, I just eat it.  I wish I had gummies and the chocolate kind of Z Bar.  We have them but you never give them to it.  You give us the oatmeal cooking z bar and if I didn’t like Z bars I wouldn’t eat it.

Sami: So what kinds of things do your classmates get that you wish you had in yours.

Elinor: Muffins, and I’m sitting here eating a plain sandwich.  They get gummies and fruit snacks and good stuff.  They get hot stuff.

Sami: So you want hot food like soup or leftovers.  And you want gummies.  Your sick of plain old sandwiches.

Elinor: Not really I just don’t ALWAYS want sandwiches.

Sami:  What I’m learning is that during the week you want different things.  One day is hot lunch, one day is a sandwich, one day is veggies.  You want variety.

Elinor: YES!

Sami: At what age do you think you can make your own lunch?

Elinor: I don’t know.

Sami: Are you scared to say an answer because we’re going to make you make your own lunch?

Elinor: No.

Sami: Do you think at 10 you can make your own lunch?

Elinor: No.

Sami: Why not, you make your own breakfast.

Elinor: Well I only do that because you won’t feed me.  It’s like 9:00 am and I’m hungry. And you’re just playing on your phone.

Sami: Someone’s going to turn us in for not feeding you.  Sometimes on the weekends mom and dad are lazy and you can feed yourself.

You don’t want to make your own lunch, you want variety, what haven’t we put in that you’d like.

Elinor: Brownies or a treat.

Sami: So this weekend we need to make muffins and brownies so you can have small portions in your lunch.

Elinor: Yes!  I just want candy.

Sami: You can’t have candy in your school lunch.

Elinor: Why not, Why can’t you give me milkshakes?  Or you can give me chicken pot pie.

Sami: Are you saying that because that’s what Aidyn had a theatre last night?  You don’t have a microwave at school.  How would you heat it up?

Elinor: You’d already heat it up.  In my thermos.  Boom!

Sami: Alright parents, I want to know what your go-tos are.

Elinor: Get me any kind of pie. (then she goes on a rant about pie and cookies).

If you don’t want to pack lunch for your kids just give them $3 and let them buy hot lunch.

Sami: If you have any ideas – please share them with us on Instagram.

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Elinor (daughter) and Sami (mom) were on vacation in Phoenix in March or 2019 when the concept of the mother-daughter podcast was born.

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