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Ep 18 | Is She Scared to Perform?

This is Part 2 of our theatre series.  Last week we chatted about what it’s like to audition.  In this episode, we talk about what it’s like to be on stage!


Today Elinor wanted to talk about what it’s like to be on stage.  She loves the spotlight.

“The beautiful spotlight and it hits me and I’m just like, AHHAAHAHA.”

Sami: Do you feel like a lot of your theatre friends are all the same personality-wise and like you love attention?

Elinor: I don’t think they like attention as much as me.  I only see them for a few weeks at a time so outside of theatre, I don’t really know them that well.

Sami: What do you like most about being on stage?

Elinor: the spotlight and I don’t get to see anyone in the audience.  Unless I’m right at the tip of the stage.  Otherwise, I’m blinded by the light.  That’s a song, right?

Sami: I’m not gonna sing.

Elinor: Sing, Mom!  Just don’t sing Opera.

Sami: I sing opera in the car because I think it’s funny – not because I’m good.

Elinor: She’s horrible!

Sami: Your first role was in Honk, Jr.!  Were you nervous?

Elinor: I played Dot and I was the military wife.  Yes, I was nervous but I just got out there and did it.

Sami: do you have advice for parents out there that have kids that want to do theatre but they’re scared to go on stage.

Elinor: Tell them to sing in front of you (your parents).  I don’t like to do it but it’s a good way for me to practice.

And if your kid does get a role, make them practice.  I barely got my lines memorized last time.  It was horrible.  I don’t know why I didn’t memorize my lines.

Sami: Elinor won’t practice in front of me because she doesn’t want to ruin the play.  She wants us to experience it as brand new.

Elinor: Get me a buddy, my friends, to practice with me.  My classmates come to see me in my play and I feel bad like they’re going to hate it.  I feel sorry for them because they have to sit through it.  I’m worried they’ll be bored.

Sami: They love it!

Elinor: I feel like ahhhhhhhh…….

Sami: What’s the difference between musical and non-musical theatre.

Elinor: Non-musical is boring for me.  All you have are lines, that’s it.

Sami: What if you have a kid that doesn’t like to sing or dance?

Elinor: Then that’s fine.  But if you live in Oregon and go to BEAT and they don’t like musicals, then make sure you sign them up for their Summer plays.

Sami: Benefits of theatre?

Elinor: My confidence!  

Sami: What about being around bigger kids?

Elinor: Yea I like the bigger kids in theatre.  I spend more time with them in scenes and we talk more.  Less scary than bigger kids in school.

Oklahoma! was a lot of bigger kids.  I had a minor breakdown but now we’re ok.  There were so many kids it made me nervous!  

Honk Jr was a younger cast.  It was so crazy and no one would listen.

Sami: So you liked Oklahoma! better because it was an older cast and more focused.

Elinor: I don’t want it to be an older cast that has 30 year olds in it.

Sami: You want to be in Children’s Theatre not community theatre.

Elinor: And now she goes on a hair rant again…….

Sami: What is your advice for parents that have kids that are nervous to go on stage?

Elinor: Give them candy! Just Kidding!  Just go on stage – that’s it.  Don’t think about it.

When I’m done then I have to go get changed and be rushed.  


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Elinor (daughter) and Sami (mom) were on vacation in Phoenix in March or 2019 when the concept of the mother-daughter podcast was born.

Sami, a digital marketing strategist, was working on her own podcast, when Elinor decided she needed one of her own.  When talking about concepts, the idea of having regular chats about life and recording them came up.

And with that, Conversations with My Daughter was born.

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