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Ep 14 | Should Kids Have Sleepovers?

Do you allow your kiddos to have sleepovers?  Elinor has them more often in the summer, and most frequently with her friend Aidyn.  So we brought her on so they could share what they like about sleepovers and advice for other parents.


Aidyn is one of Elinor’s best friends.  And they love having sleepovers together.  So we thought we’d bring her on to talk about what sleepovers mean to kids and what parents should know.

What do they love about sleepovers?

Elinor loves being with her friends, staying up late and having fun.

Aidyn loves hanging out with friends/sisters and playing with their American Girl Dolls.  She also loves laughing with her bestie.

Best sleepover snacks?

Elinor: popcorn, candy, fudgesicles, and all the sweets, and fruit by the foot.

Aidyn: Elinor likes my house cause it has all the sugar.

Best sleepover movies?

Descendents 3 – or anything from the Descendents series.

Sleepover must haves?

, an epic list, vsco hangout.

How often should you be able to have a sleepover?


Except during school – then just on the weekends.

What else should parents know about sleepovers?

Sleepovers boost their immune system.

Know the other parents’ number and everything about them.

If you send your kids to the other parents’ house then you get a break.

What time should parents shut down a sleepover?


Elinor says 9:30-10:00pm.  On special occasions maybe 10:30 – 11:00.  She also says her kids won’t get TVs in their rooms.

How many kids should be at a sleepover at one time?

2-3 at most.

It’s acceptable to have a child sleep on the floor because some kids roll around a lot and smack you in the face.

Should breakfast be served when you’re having a sleepover?

Breakfast is a must have and you should always have pancakes.

Aidyn’s mom always makes pancakes, sausage, and potatoes for brunch.

But she also gives them a lot of sugar! 

Final Thoughts!

Aidyn: sleepovers help kids break bad habits and make new habits.

Aidyn learned how to pop her knuckles.  Let them have sleepovers so they can be free.  But make sure it’s at someone else’s house so you have your own free time.

Elinor: sleepovers are only fun if you go to the other person’s house.  

If your child is a rowdy child, and they’re going to a rowdy child house, don’t do it!

Aidyn says it’s harmony.

Disclaimer: As a parent (Sami) I’m sorry that this podcast didn’t deliver what we thought – which was why you should let kids have sleepovers.

Time Stamp

(0:35) Welcome to Aidyn!
(0:54) What do they love about sleepovers?
(1:56) Best sleepover snacks
(2:22) Best sleepover movies
(2:40) Sleepover must-haves.
(3:22) How often should you be allowed to have a sleepover?
(3:54) What else should parents know about sleepovers?
(5:55) How many kids should be at a sleepover at one time?
(6:44) Should breakfast be served when you’re having a sleepover?
(8:33) Final Thoughts

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