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Ep 13 | Elinor’s Thoughts on Bullying

Bullying is a word that has a serious meaning, but gets tossed around a lot.  When Sami was a kid, it didn’t create such a strong emotion.  Now, we talk about what bullying means to Elinor and how parents should talk to their kids.


This episode is a bit more serious.  But having real conversations is what this podcast is all about!

So what does the word “bullying” mean to Elinor?

In one word – “mean.”

Sometimes it can get violent.  And it can be using words.

Sami remembers bullying as being playground kids picking on other kids.  But it didn’t seem as serious as it is now.

Does Elinor think bullying is a problem?

Yes, but she doesn’t think she’s been bullied.  She also hasn’t bullied anyone else.  She hasn’t seen it first hand, but she has had friends that have been bullied.  It made them really sad.

What should parents say to their kids about bullying?

If you feel like you’re being bullied, talk to a teacher or principal or someone you trust.

At her school, her teacher pulls the kids aside and talks with them right away and it’s done.

Handling it at the moment helps more.

We had to work with Elinor on what to say and not say via text and how things come across.

Her advice, “Don’t say mean stuff.”  If you do then it’ll get everywhere and everyone will see it and you’ll get in trouble.

Don’t assume that people will get it when they read your texts.  In your head, you know what it sounds like, but unless you’re doing voice messages or video they won’t understand how you mean it to be.

Elinor plays Roblox with her friends.  Sometimes, people online say mean things.  So if that happens report it.

When Elinor gets frustrated, what does she do so she doesn’t take it out on someone via text or during a game?

She likes to hit the ground.  Or she likes to scream into a pillow.  Then just laugh it out.

Elinor doesn’t have access to social media yet.  She helps with creating captions for our Instagram account but doesn’t get involved in comments.

She wanted a YouTube account but we didn’t want her face out there quite that much.  With a podcast, we can limit the conversations that happen and comments she sees.

If you kid says they’re being bullied Elinor things you should ask the following things:

  • Who’s bullying them
  • How old are they
  • Have they told an adult at school

And if they come home and they’re sad and don’t want to do anything or are depressed, ask them what happened and address it with the school.

Bullying isn’t acceptable.

Time Stamp

(0:49) What does the word “bullying” mean to Elinor?
(1:10) when Sami was a kid, that word didn’t mean as much
(1:20) Does Elinor think bullying is a big problem?
(1:53) What should parents say to their kids about bullying?
(2:40) Text messages can be tricky
(4:44) Social Media CyberBullying
(5:18) What do you do when your frustrated or having a bad day so you don’t say something mean.
(6:15) Elinor doesn’t have access to social media.
(7:55) Elinor’s last piece of advice

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Elinor (daughter) and Sami (mom) were on vacation in Phoenix in March or 2019 when the concept of the mother-daughter podcast was born.

Sami, a digital marketing strategist, was working on her own podcast, when Elinor decided she needed one of her own.  When talking about concepts, the idea of having regular chats about life and recording them came up.

And with that, Conversations with My Daughter was born.

Each week, a new topic, and possible life lesson, are brought to you with the hopes it will make you smile, remember conversations with your own mom, and hopefully inspire new conversations with your own children.