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Ep 02 | Get to know Elinor

Who is this Elinor (the daughter) anyways!

We didn’t want to get too far into episodes without you getting to know a bit more about who Elinor is and what she likes to do.

Sami interviewed her so check it out.

And in the next episode you’ll get to know Sami (the mom)!


If you have any questions for us make sure you leave them for us on Instagram.

Time Stamp

(1:00) What’s your favorite color?
(1:10) What’s your favorite kind of music?
(1:22) What’s your favorite school subject?
(2:00) What pet would you have if you could?
(2:55) What is your favorite thing to do in the Summer?
(3:13) What’s your favorite food?
(4:04) What is something people don’t know about you?
(4:18) What instrument would you like to learn to play?
(4:52) What is one of your favorite movies?
(5:52) What is your favorite play you’ve been in?
(6:06) Do you have questions for Elinor?  Leave them on Instagram

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Elinor (daughter) and Sami (mom) were on vacation in Phoenix in March or 2019 when the concept of the mother-daughter podcast was born.

Sami, a digital marketing strategist, was working on her own podcast, when Elinor decided she needed one of her own.  When talking about concepts, the idea of having regular chats about life and recording them came up.

And with that, Conversations with My Daughter was born.

Each week, a new topic, and possible life lesson, are brought to you with the hopes it will make you smile, remember conversations with your own mom, and hopefully inspire new conversations with your own children.