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Ep 01 | Our Trip to Taiwan to Meet Great Grandma for the First Time

Our family took a trip to Taiwan in November of 2019.  Sami had been there several times in her life, but it was the first time the kiddos and hubby, Kelly, got to go.

Popo (grandma) moved to the US from Taiwan when she was 24 years old.  And Tai Po (great grandma) still lives there, as are some of Popo’s brothers and nephews.

The trip was great for allowing our kiddos to experience a new culture, eat amazing food and meeting the extended family.

Taiwan_20181118_773 (1)

In this episode, we talk about travel tips with your kids, the importance of learning more about your family history, and what our favorite parts of the trip were.

Time Stamp

(0:42) Why did we go to Taiwan?
(0:56) Is it important to know where your family comes from?
(1:15) About the flight – and tips for keeping kids entertained
(3:13) Dealing with a massive time change with the kiddos
(3:42) What was Elinor’s #1 favorite part?
(4:15) Visiting the mountains in Taiwan
(5:05) Eating food in Taiwan made both of our lists
(6:06) How did Elinor learn to use chopsticks?
(6:30) What were our favorite foods?
(7:02) Visiting the night market
(8:40) Driving in Taiwan
(9:36) Museums we visited

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Elinor (daughter) and Sami (mom) were on vacation in Phoenix in March or 2019 when the concept of the mother-daughter podcast was born.

Sami, a digital marketing strategist, was working on her own podcast, when Elinor decided she needed one of her own.  When talking about concepts, the idea of having regular chats about life and recording them came up.

And with that, Conversations with My Daughter was born.

Each week, a new topic, and possible life lesson, are brought to you with the hopes it will make you smile, remember conversations with your own mom, and hopefully inspire new conversations with your own children.